Since our Y first opened in 1976, our community has changed and continues to change. We’ve seen economic changes. We’re seeing new businesses come to the area who provide jobs. We see new populations. To stay relevant, the Y must respond and look to the future—we must be able to provide the programs and facilities that provide the foundation for a strong community.

Our Board of Directors has developed a long-range plan to meet current demands as well as those of the future. We’re making a commitment to our community to provide for this generation and the generations to come. But we need your help. We must expand and upgrade our facilities. We’ve already begun by installing a new Wellness Center that will help more people in South Boston embrace a healthy lifestyle—but there is still so much to do.

Download our capital campaign brochure and see how we’d like to improve our YMCA, providing spaces for our youth to reach their full potential, for individuals and families to live healthy and for our community to come together to learn, grow and thrive.

You hold our future in your hands. The realization of our goals through the Capital Campaign for the YMCA of South Boston/Halifax County will place our YMCA in the position to meet new challenges for years to come. Your contribution will help us expand our reach and multiply our impact as we work to strengthen our community.

We’re confident you will love the changes we’re making—that you will not only support our Capital Campaign but will also help us find those who have supported the Y in the past. Thank you for joining us. We look forward to welcoming the new members and contributors who are our future, as a new day dawns for the YMCA of South Boston/Halifax County.

Click here to make your gift online or contact Kristen Zerbato at (434) 572-8909 to learn about naming opportunities.