Visitor Guidelines

Welcome to the Y. We hope your visit is enjoyable. Please remember that our first priority is to serve our members who have made a commitment to the Y by joining. The purpose behind our guest policy is to: enhance member service to current members who are encouraging a friend to join; and make reasonable accommodations for members of other YMCAs traveling in our area, for out-of-town family of current members and for out-of-town visitors.

In-Town Guests

  • One complimentary visit per year
  • Second visit $12.00 per person
  • Third visit $12.00 per person (no more than 3 visits per year)
  • Must present valid photo ID

Out-of-Town Guests of Members

  • Must be accompanied by a member
  • A member may bring a maximum of 5 guests per visit
  • Guests may visit up to 14 days per calendar year
  • $5.00 guest fee per person, per visit
  • Must live 100 miles outside of our service area and not a current YMCA member (see AWAY Program)
  • Must present valid photo ID

The YMCA can restrict guest usage, hours of usage and area of usage with or without notice to ensure the safety and comfort of members. We highly encourage members to contact the Y prior to visiting with a guest to inquire about guest restrictions due to demands of the facility.

Every Y is My Y Membership Reciprocity Program

At the Y, we encourage our members to live their healthiest and to utilize our facilities as often as possible. Sometimes it’s more convenient to use a Y in another location when traveling, while at work, or just visiting another region. As a valued YMCA member, you have the flexibility to use other YMCA facilities throughout Virginia at no extra  charge. Simply present your YMCA membership card and photo ID at participating Virginia YMCAs and enjoy complimentary access.

Membership Reciprocity Program

  • The YMCA Reciprocal Membership Program is valid for YMCA members.
  • Program-only participants may upgrade to a full membership at any 
time to qualify.
  • Visitors to other YMCAs must present a valid membership card and 
photo ID upon their first visit and complete a visiting member waiver 
or standard membership application form with liability waiver.
  • YMCA members must use their home YMCA association 
at least 50% of the time.
  • Program discounts do not apply.
  • Participating YMCAs reserve the right 
to restrict facility or program access. 
Other restrictions may also apply.
  • The Outer Banks Family YMCA has a policy restriction during the summer season because it is a tourist destination. The Membership Reciprocity Program is ineffective May 1 through September 30 at the Outer Banks Family YMCA location.

As a member of the YMCA of South Boston/Halifax County, you have access to YMCAs across the state of Virginia 
at no extra charge through the YMCA Reciprocal Membership Program. Current members can use any YMCA 
in Virginia at no charge when they show their membership card and photo ID. Some restrictions may apply. 
Please contact the local YMCA for their specific policy.

AWAY (Always Welcome At the Y) Program
When you join a Y, you become part of a national movement of 18.1 million members in more than 2,400 YMCAs. Because each Y is autonomous, not-for-profit, and not a franchise, local YMCA policies vary on the use of equipment, facilities, services and programs by visiting members from out-of-town or from nearby YMCAs. If you plan to visit another Y, it is a good idea to call that Y about visiting member policies.

Visiting from a YMCA Association (outside Virginia)

  • Each AWAY member receives their first week of usage per calendar year free of charge (first day of usage triggers one-week period; remaining six days must be concurrent)
  • The second week of usage per calendar year is half the guest fee ($2.50) per visit (the first day of usage of the second week triggers the second week period; remaining 6 days must be concurrent)
  • Visits after the second week in a calendar year are $5.00 per visit
  • AWAY members are considered 100 miles outside of our service area, unless the membership is in Virginia.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the YMCA of South Boston/Halifax County. Make the most of your visit and ask Member Services for a tour of the facility. Our staff can also provide you with information about becoming a member and the programs available.

We look forward to having you.