FitQuest CoachFitQuest
FitQuest is a personalized fitness program designed to meet your specific fitness needs and is included with YMCA membership. Our trained FitQuest Coaches will teach, guide, motivate and give you the personal attention you need to successfully reach your wellness goals. With exercise programs custom tailored to fit your needs, FitQuest has something for everyone, all ages and fitness levels.

How does FitQuest work?

  • Your FitQuest coach will meet with you and will create tailored workouts based on your goals, strengths and abilities.
  • Each time you you come to the Y, you'll track your progress on your customized workout sheet and turn it in to your coach at the end of your workout.
  • You can meet with your FitQuest Coach as often as you need to make sure that you're successfully setting and reaching your wellness goals.

Appointments are available for program setup and review and can be made Member Services desk or with your FitQuest coach. If you have any questions, contact us, stop by Member Services or see a FitQuest Coach (in the purple shirt) in the fitness center.